Kristin Hamilton & The Heat


Kristin Hamilton & The Heat is straight up Honkytonk with Folk-Country flair. If you like Emmylou Harris and The Hot Band, you'll love The Heat! Made up of 3/4 of the popular Kansas City band Cowtown Country Club with Gregory "Firesauce" Gagnon on Telecaster guitar, Jessica "Sizzlin'" Salley on drums, and Leah "Cherry Coal" Sproul on bass! Add Devon "Devil Train" Teran (Timbers) on pedal steel and Kristin's daughter Lucy "Lightning" Gray on fiddle and you've got The Heat! Playing mostly original music by bandleader Kristin Hamilton with some good 'ol country favorites in the mix, Kristin Hamilton & The Heat will touch your heart and scoot your boots!

Check out "Touch Of Blue" released in May of 2022!

Meet The Heat!

Jessica "Sizzlin" Salley

Jessica Salley - (Drums, Vocals) Jessica is known for her enthusiastic stage presence and musical versatility. Her musical career has included a wide range of styles from classical singing, including Grammy-winning recordings with the Kansas City Chorale and the regional finals for the Metropolitan Opera Council Auditions, to cabaret, jazz and most recently country! Jessica added drumming and country/ folk music to her permormance credits in 2017 as a founding member of Cowtown Country Club and Kristin Hamilton & The Heat in 2020.

Meet The Heat!

Leah "Cherry Coal" Sproul

Leah Sproul - (Bass, Vocals) She's often been described as an old soul. With the vocal phrasing of Patsy Cline and melodic writing of Carole King. Leah's music strives to conjure connection and understanding through storytelling, humor and honesty. Check out Leah's 2021 single releases "You Don't Have To" and "Old Guitar"! 

Meet The Heat!

Lucy "Lightning" Gray

Lucy Gray Hamilton- (Violin, Ukulele, Vocals) Born into a musical family in the midwest, Lucy grew up performing on festival stages from the young age of 7 while studying classical and fiddle style violin. By the age of 9 she was performing her own original songs which led her to becoming a four time recipient of Missouri University's COMP award for songwriting and music composition, and also an invitation as guest speaker at Missouri Western State University's Art Scape program in 2019. In 2021 her song "Winter Is In My Eyes" was recognized as the most played song on River Trade Radio; a popular program on KKFI Kansas City community radio. Look for her new single "sixteen and happy" to be released in 2024!

Meet The Heat!

Gregory "Firesauce" Gagnon

Greg Gagnon- (Lead Guitar, Vocals) - When he isn't playing telecaster with The Heat, or tinkering with b-benders and antique amps in the basement, Greg serves as the bandleader for Cowtown Country Club, a Western Swing act featuring intricate original arrangements and four-part, jazz-inflected vocal harmonies. He also produces records at ShapeNote Studios, a creative space he co-manages with Jessica Salley.

Meet The Heat!

Devon "Devil Train" Teran

Devon Teran- (Pedal Steel) Multi-instrumentalist and trusty sideman, enjoys taking his seat behind the steel with The Heat. Raised in Wichita on the memories and songs of Havana and Perkiomenville, Devon plays the sweet and dusty sounds of Kansas City. As an active session musician, he works across a wide range of sounds and styles, but always seems to find the way to tap into something simultaneously immediate and universal. Devon is a founding member of Timbers.