From the recording Touch Of Blue

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Spring Fever Cure by Kristin Hamilton
strings arranged and composed by Gregory Gagnon
Kristin Hamilton-lead vocal & rhythm guitar
Jessica Salley- drums & vocal harmony
Isaac Hamilton-bass & cello
Lucy Gray Hamilton- violin & vocal harmony
Rocky Cathcart- piano
Gregory Gagnon- banjoj & 12 string guitar


From a painful case of a spring fever
I stumbled to the closest park
Over ice and rock and frozen mud
Nearly paralyzed
From the imprisonment of a long relentless winter
For any sign of something new
I mistook the dead leaves for birds
As the wind forced them into flight
And my nose
Was imbued with the fresh raw scent
Of rich earth from below the broken snow
And my senses
Were awakened to another place and time
Memories hidden in the clouds of my mind

A wild thing
Fish on a string
Boot scrapin', sky gazin'
Fryin' up my supper
Feeling free
Running through the hose
Catching a garden snake and wildflower breezes
Singing to the horses
Those were the best days
Living in a daydream
Sandbox bathing, nappin' on a hay bale
Skipping through the tall grass

And oh to find such buried treasure
Even in this crummy weather

Now when I can't find peace looking up toward the trees
I will dig below the earth for sweet reprieve.