From the recording Touch Of Blue

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Bittersweet Flowers by Kristin Hamilton
Kristin Hamilton- lead vocal, rhythm guitar
Jessica Salley- drums
Gregory Gagnon- double bass, Wurlitzer, Telecaster guitar


She sits alone
With a bag full of memories
Staring at the campus girls
And their casual ways
Carefree and laughing
Oh how she longs to be them
With that assurance and that freedom
They just seem to be born with

And a north wind blows a smoky citrus pine
And the bittersweet that grows there
Takes hold of her mind

She thinks of her mother
And the truth she'll never tell her
The wicked truth of that new lover
That one that makes her shine
The one that makes her sparkle
After years of pain and struggle
She'll save a smile for her mother
But she can never return

She could change her hair
Buy a new sweater
Take a job in town
Write her mom some letters

She has her books
And a quiet room to sleep in
Bittersweet flowers
And a pretty vase to keep them

And the north wind dies
The girls move along
And the purple stars shine
And she's humming a new song